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Reclamation District No. 108 has invested heavily into recycling infrastructure over the years. The unique topographic features of the district, mainly being completely surrounded by flood protection levee’s, allows all the irrigation drain water to be captured and can be either pumped back into the river or recycled within the district. The disadvantage of recycling is the accumulation of salts, which is why in normal years much of the water is pumped back into the river. However, in dry years recycling water is a priority and allows the district to fully farm with just a 75% supply. It is estimated that the district can recycle well over 50,000 AF of water in a normal year. In a drought year such as 2014, the amount of recycling can be significantly increased by reducing the water quality standards within the district.

The recycling facilities in RD 108 include:

May contain: architecture, building, outdoors, shelter, countryside, hut, nature, and rural
Riggs Ranch Pumping Plant
May contain: outdoors, nature, architecture, building, and shelter
Lateral 8 Check Pumping Plant
May contain: architecture, building, outdoors, shelter, water, waterfront, and nature
Lateral 8 Pumping Plant
May contain: water and waterfront
Sycamore Slough Pumping Plant