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SB 88 Water Diversion Data

The raw data in the table below is provided pursuant to California Code of Regulations Section 933(b)(4). These raw data are provided as-is, without any quality assurance and control performed. Therefore, the raw data set may contain erroneous data for numerous and various reasons. These raw data are evaluated and reviewed for quality assurance and control in order to annually report monthly diversions under the pertinent water right(s).

DiversionWater Right ‌Meter IDRiver Mile
El Dorado(2047)A000576, A000763, A001589, S020661M00198343.1
PoundstoneA000576, A000763, A001589, S020657, A031436M00785955.2
Wilkins SloughA000576, A000763, A001589, S020716, A031436M002018, M013406, M013430, M013432, M013433, M01343463.2

Data File: