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Sister Districts

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Reclamation District No. 108 works in coordination with the Sacramento West Side Levee District and the Knights Landing Ridge Drainage District to provide maintenance to over 90 miles of levees. The levees protect the rural communities of Colusa, Grimes, Knights Landing, Verona and Nicholas, while also protecting 194,000 acres of farmland. These levees are integral to the system-wide performance of the Sacramento River Flood Control Project and provides indirect protection to the cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento. Since the formation of the levee districts, Sacramento River West Side Levee District, Knights Landing Ridge Drainage District have shared management, personnel and equipment with RD 108. The flood control districts reimburse RD 108 for management and work performed.

The levees south of Colusa were initially maintained by Reclamation District No. 108, but the costs for levee construction and maintenance were high and borne by few landowners whereas the benefits of flood protection extended beyond RD 108 boundaries. In 1913 the legislature created the Knights Landing Ridge Drainage District and in 1915 the Sacramento River West Side Levee District to more accurately reflect the lands benefited. Today Reclamation District No. 108 still maintains a smaller levee section along its western boundary, bordering the Colusa Drain. All of the levees were originally built by landowners and have become part of the federally sponsored Sacramento Flood Control Project.